Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Down - Eleven To Go

Temples are awesome. :)

My best friend happens to be named after this one.
The Jordan River Utah Temple is such a pretty Temple, is it not? (Well, they're all pretty). :)

This photo below is titled "My Lovely Checkered Bag." You can't tell but my bag is made of black and white checkered fabric which I'm rather fond of. :)

Being able to go to the Temple so much before I leave on my mission to Pennsylvania has been amazing. I know most people don't have all the time in the world like I do, but if you're preparing for a mission and have a lot of time on your hands, go to the Temple! Try to make it there as many times as you can. You will be blessed, especially as a missionary!
As you know, I'm trying to make it around to every temple in Utah before I leave. That's 14 operating Temples! 2 more are under construction but won't be finished before my departure date. I'll have to swing back and get to them in a couple of years. :)
So far, I've only gone through 3 Temples: Mt. Timpanogos, Provo, and Jordan River. I don't have any pictures from Mt. Timpanogos but will acquire some shortly. :)
14 - 3 = 11. Only 11 more to get to and only 22 more times to get to them all.
I'm having a blast. :)

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