Friday, March 8, 2013

Fail / Win

The last three days I have wanted to go to the Temple.
WEDNESDAY: Mom and I planned on going to the Salt Lake Temple while waiting for Raegan (my cute little niece) to arrive (at Salt Lake Regional Hospital). But first we went up to the U of U Store, just a few blocks away, as a favor to Chris (my brother) to find a cheerleader outfit for Reagan as a surprise for Jen. We were only there for a few minutes when Chris called and said "You'd better get back down here." So, no Temple on Wednesday.
THURSDAY: Chris and Jen live a ways away from us so we decided to go visit them in case we didn't see them again for a while and thought we'd stop at the Temple while we were up there. We started out too late and had to be home for a meeting my mom had. No Temple. :(
FRIDAY (TODAY): We decided last night that we would go to the Draper Temple this morning. We got up there and then I got sick. Haha this week hasn't worked out well for our Temple plans. We got an adorable niece and granddaughter instead. :)

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