Monday, April 29, 2013

Miss You

Two of my awesome Primary kids! My class surprised me with a musical number in Sacrament Meeting before I spoke. They'd been practicing the song the past couple of weeks during class and I never connected that they would be performing it for me. It was perfect, they sounded like angels. They gave me goosebumps and made me tear up. :) I'm going to miss them so much. Love you kiddos!

Shannon O'sullivan - we've been friends since 9th grade. I honestly don't think I've stayed friends with anyone for so long, which I suppose is a little.. pathetic? I guess it's just not a good thing to be seperated for too long - she's following me to the East Coast. She just can't live without me, ha ha (just kidding.) :) Love you - I'll miss you!

My incredible mom! She is the very best and does so much for me. I won't be able to call her for Mother's Day because I'll still be in the MTC but I've arranged a little something that she'll love! I love you so much mom and I'll miss you like crazy!

Rowan! Best puppy ever.. I was thinking about Wednesday and not seeing him for a year and a half and I started tearing up. He is honestly so much fun and so sweet. I'm gonna miss his cuddling. When I got him, I was hoping for a cuddler since my other dog hates it, and I got one. :)

My lovely family - I'm going to miss all of you. Write me lots of letters and send me pictures!! You guys are the best!

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