Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Monday!

It's Monday, which means we get to hear from someone else (you get a break from my ramblings. Lucky you!) :)

                                       Jessica Cox
1. Did President Monson's announcement about the age change affect your choice to serve a mission?
2. Why did you decide to serve a mission?
3. How long did it take to complete and submit your paperwork and receive your call?
4. What is your departure date and what have you done so far to prepare?
5. What is the best advice you've received so far?
6. What advice would you give a future missionary preparing to serve the Lord?
7. What are you most excited about, concerning your mission?
8. What are you most afraid of, concerning your mission?
9. What is your favorite missionary scripture/quote?
10. What things will you miss most about home?
11. How have you stayed positive while preparing for your mission?
12. What were your feelings upon opening your mission call?

The thought of serving a mission has always been in the back of my mind. I always figured that if I wasn't married by the time I was 21 then I would go on a mission. Then President Monson made the announcement for the new missionary ages and I knew that was meant for me. The only problem was that I didn't turn 19 for another 8 months but, I started my papers anyway because I was so excited! Needless to say it was a long wait before I got my call. But once my papers were submitted I got my call within 10 days! Finally my call had come! I had gotten a call from my post office at about 6:45 And I went and picked it up that morning and opened it up in front of my family. When I read that I would be serving in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia mission I got so excited and a little emotional because I knew that was where The Lord wanted me to be. And now coming Sept. 4 I will be sharing the joy that I have felt in my life with others, just like alma (alma 36:24)
The best advice I have gotten so far is to read, read, read the Book of Mormon an Preach my gospel! This has helped me in preparing for my mission a ton! My advice to someone who is preparing for a mission is to know your stuff and have a testimony of it. Because you can only convert someone as far as you are converted.
For me, the best thing to help me stay positive has been to know that as long as I am living the commandments, satan can have no power over me.
I know that The Lord is hastening his work. Which is why it is so important to live what you believe, whether you are going on a mission or not. I know that Christ is my savior and redeemer, without him we wouldn't be able to return to live with our Father in Heaven again. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet and is Gods mouthpiece. I know that the church is true and I am excited to share the truth of it with the people of Pennsylvania (and surrounding states).

Thanks for sharing, Jessica! You'll make one heck of a missionary. See you in the field! :)

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