Thursday, February 28, 2013

Plans I Plan to Keep

I'm beginning the countdown at the 2 month mark. Officially, that starts tomorrow. But who said I had to be official here? I'm leaving for the MTC in 62 days!! I can't believe it. Time has definitely flown by. There is still so much I have to do!

Goals for prepping LUGGAGE:
1) Get everything done and packed at least a month before. Pfffft! Yeah right, like that will happen - I'll be stuffing everything in the night before. I mean, come on, it's just how it always happens. :)
* But really - if you can, get it all done quickly. You won't be so stressed when the time comes to say goodbye.

2) Don't pack too much of everything. Pack lightly, pack lightly, pack lightly. I can always get more where I'm going. Sometimes it's hard to remember I'm not going foreign...
* Girls like to pack more than they need, especially if you're going away for months on end. If you're going State-side, don't worry. Chances are you'll be able to find the same face wash in your mission as you use at home. No need to pack large amounts of everything you have. Also, don't pack things you won't need for a few months especially if it's bulky. Have your family send it out to you when you need it.
* If you're going foreign and you absolutely can't live without your specific brand of shampoo, then by all means, take it, and take a lot of it. But it's also great to try new things. Pack without going over your airline luggage limits. If you pack too much, you can always send it home.

3) Find a hair product that will keep my curly, frizzy hair manageable in humidity. That's another false hope I have. I'll probably just deal with it some other way, like shaving my head. If only that were allowed.
* No matter what kind of climate you're heading into, if it's different than what you're used to, you're most likely going to have to change a few things and you're going to have to figure it out there because it won't work the same way where you come from. Wonderful.

4) Remember to put everything I'll need the very first day into one bag.
* This will be helpful. Everything will be easy to find.
5) Remember my pillow case.
* I HAVE to remember that one. I can't stand to think about the alternative. Shudder.

Goals for prepping PHYSICALLY:
1) Go jogging every day. Right.
2) Take my dogs for walks.
3) Go running. Ehhh - maybe. Eventually.

Goals for prepping SPIRITUALLY:
1) Pray the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning.
* If you forget, do it in the shower.
2) Get in the habit of studying in the morning.
* Study Preach My Gospel (PMG) EVERY DAY. Especially go over chapter 3 and practice teaching the lessons with your family, maybe for Family Home Evening. If you don't do Family Home Evening, start. There's a reason you're supposed to do it.
*Study the scriptures included in the lessons and start memorizing. Share your insights and WRITE THEM DOWN.
3) Read the Book of Mormon the whole way through before starting my mission.
* This is one my Mission President said to do. Know the Book of Mormon.
4) Pray before getting into bed each night.
* Pray for specific things. There is power in doing this. You will be praying specifically for your companion and those you teach all the time while in the field.

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